The Political Epidemiology Institute

was established with the knowledge that the public's political mind could be infected in a viral way, much in the same way as a computer. In order to prevent and/or treat the threat there would have to be an effective platform to counter the attack. In 1999, with that in mind, the Political Epidemiology Project, the forerunner to the Institute, commenced by focusing on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and more particularly its Epidemiology Intelligence Unit as a model to emulate in its activities within the political environment.

We are offering a new approach to the discipline of political science that provides a method to observe the political environment at the invisible, subterranean, systemic level.

Our Research Activities Include:

Innovative Design Platforms

The urgent need to re-design organizational capabilities heads this activity. In addition, The Political Epidemiology Institute develops effective strategies and tactics in order to discover, track, and neutralize complex anti-democratic systems.

Innovative Design Responses

The Political Epidemiology Institute strives to address the urgent need to identify and evaluate the effect of invisible destructive memes or mind viruses that have been invading America's political environment relentlessly for upwards of 30 years. And to follow-up and develop a crash program to create, produce, and spread countervailing pro-democratic memes to treat the mounting epidemic.